Site Dev 1.2, Patch 6.2, Blast Furnace

Dev 1.2

I was able to find some more time to work on this site today. Changes

  1. Added links to Fatboss videos, IcyVeins and WoWhead guides to supplement my “quick rundown”
  2. Tweaked encounter guide format
  3. Added pages for all of BRF and Highmaul, base page for Hellfire Citadel (HC?)
  4. Added Stream menu button

What’s left to do:

  1. Finish encounter guides
  2. Add About Me
  3. Featured image header for all encounter guides
  4. add Windwalker guide???

Patch 6.2

So I am somewhat lost in the changes, first nerfed then buffed? or nerfed then returned to original? Its confusing as I’ve been distracted by so much else. I normally don’t worry too much about the patch notes till there is a release date, or nearing it for the patch. Looks like right now, according to the theorycrafting powers that be, the changes are a 3-4% nerf. Not a huge deal, still in the realm of RNG, but no one likes to feel less powerful.

Many of us assume the culprit is SEF/ChiEx on fights like Maidens. This past weekend during a Heroic Alt run, I did nearly 80k, which is ridiculous. If you were a non-monk and this was what you saw, you’d think they needed nerfing too.

Only time will tell, I don’t mind 3-5% in either direction, the good players will still get spots, and the bad ones will blame it on the class no matter what.

Mythic Blast Furnace

We started this on Mythic last week, should get it down this week. Apparently a third tank makes the fight much easier, and that 3rd tank being a Brewmaster makes it even easier. Since we have a Brewmaster MT already (Samdaren), I’ve been drafted as the 3rd tank. I haven’t tanked since Siege of Orgrimmar, and even then I was largely a gimmick tank. I’m not practiced on Brewmaster as I’ve poured any free time into Windwalker, so it made me super nervous and I died a few times. After pouring through logs, it didn’t look like I was doing anything wrong, which was confirmed by Samdaren, which made me feel much better.

The guild needs it, so I will oblige. Gonna put a dent in my Mythic rankings though which is a bummer, but maybe I’ll be able to weasel a DPS parse in there some time after its on farm.


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