Why WoW’s subscription is worth it

So everyone has their reasons for playing the game. Some like to compete, some are super bored, others want to escape from their lives, and rumor has it some people don’t have a life outside the game… crazy, I know. Personally, I’ve play Warcraft, and have for almost 10 years, because nothing eats up my free time and brain power for cheaper.

When you compare free time activities, you can look at the cost of each per time you spend. Here’s how I look at it:

  • A movie at the theater – 2 hours, $10 a person – $5/hour of enjoyment
  • Short video game (Ryse) – 20 hours of game play, $60 – $3/hour
  • Medium video game (Shadows of Middle Earth) – 40hrs, $60 – $1.5/hour
  • Long video game (Dragon Age) – 80hrs, $60 – $0.75/hour
  • Extra long video game (Skyrim/Fallout) – 150hrs, $60 – $0.40/hr
  • Warcraft (average raid schedule) – 12hr/week (48hrs/month), $13/month – $0.27/hr

That’s if you raid the average raider schedule and don’t play any time outside of that. My last guild raided 14 hours a week, so the cost per hours would be even lower, and that’s with never stepping foot in the game outside of raid time. There are very few things that compare to a game like World of Warcraft in terms of time spent for the cost. Hell, I pay $130 a month for cable, so I’d have to watch 480 hours of TV a month to make my cable bill worth the same as my Warcraft subscription.

Have you ever thought about what you’re getting with your subscription or when you go to the movies, or buy a non-sub game? What do you think is the best bang for your buck out there? Comment below.

— Babs out


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