Site Dev 1.3: Windwalker Guide, Warcraft Logs

Site Dev Update

I was able to put several hours into developing my Windwalker Guide this morning. I’m pretty happy with it. I left out most of the fluff and descriptions and tried to keep it as functional as possible. I’ll be adding a FAQ page to address the questions I see most frequently on the other sites I moderate: MMOC and ChiBurst, as well as in-game and IRC.

Let me know if there are things missing in my guide, or any other changes you’d like to see for the site.

Warcraft Logs

If you’ve been raiding for a long time, like I have, you’ll recognize names like WoW Meter Online and World of Logs. Recently the name dominating the discussion is Warcraft Logs. Its the next evolution of parse analysis, and is an enormous step ahead of anything previous. After spending hours with it over the last few years there hasn’t been anything that I can think of, that the author of the site hasn’t already implemented will soon.

For anyone who hasn’t heard, the author of the site Kihra of has been working on the site, as well as similar versions for Wildstar and Final Fantasy, pretty much solo for the past two years. This has been while maintaining a job, raid schedule, and (I assume) social life. Kihra’s the reason the site is so perfect, its designed by a serious raider who understands the depths of log analysis.

Recently Kihra’s been asking for anyone willing to help pay the exorbitant costs for servers (+$5000 a month), so that all features can remain open to everyone. Not looking for much, just anything to help the site stay afloat, or even allow Kihra to work on it full time to really let it take off. I highly recommend helping if you can, any bit helps. You can donate to help Kihra keep WarcraftLogs free and open to everyone by clicking here:

I know I’ll be helping out with a few $ every month, and I encourage that everyone else does to.

At the time of this posting the fund is a little over 1/4 of the way toward the first goal.

Keep checking back as I continue to work on the site.

— Babs out


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