The beauty that is “Free Cleave”

So if you read a previous post you saw me complain a bit about having to be the 3rd tank on Blast Furnace. This wasn’t meant to be a real complaint, I have no problem tanking if it gets us the kill, but I prefer to DPS. If I had a problem switching roles, I wouldn’t keep a full set of gear for all three specs.

However, this past week we decided to change tactics and go with two tanks. I was back to DPS! After asking what targets I should be attacking, (since, lets be honest, I had no idea what actual goes on in that fight) I was told that since they didn’t have trouble killing primary targets with speed, they didn’t need the extra dps on them, so “just cleave everything”. As a DPS, this was like finding a golden ticket in my chocolate bar.

A fight like Iron Maidens, sure, I get to cleave like crazy… but that’s how the fight is designed. This was being told to ignore what everyone else is doing, the “strategy”, and do as much damage as possible. Guess there was a benefit to doing it with 3 tanks for awhile and being that 3rd tank. They didnt need me on the important stuff, so I am bonus damage. And you want as much bonus damage as you can get.

And damage I did.

If you’ve done Mythic Blast Furnace, then you know that one part of a strategy is to have everyone in position as quickly as possible. This can be accomplished by pulling and resetting the boss, while allowing everyone else to get into position. A side effect of this is that cooldowns get reset, like Xuen. If you pop Xuen right before its reset, your cooldown gets reset, but the big tiger stays up with you for his full 45s duration.

This means that when you pull the boss 10s later, you can use him again. And let me tell you, double Xuen is almost like a double rainbow, but bluer and with lightning.

IF you’re lucky enough that someone messes up, you can even get a TRIPLE XUEN, for 25s max. Double Xuen is plenty for me, and with good use of SEF, you can see your DPS hold over 100k for several seconds. Not a spike, but +100k for 10-15s, its beautiful.

Couple this with being able to ignore “primary” targets and just go crazy, makes Blast Furnace quite a bit of fun. During Primal Elementalists phase (phase 2), my job is to do as much damage to Feldspar and Security Guards as possible. Most of the time this allows for 3 target, 2 SEF clones, cleave; occasionally getting 3 ChiEx explosions and dots on many targets. ITS GREAT!

We weren’t able to kill Blast Furnace yet, but getting close. And, as a WW, if you’re able to get the job of “free cleave” like I did, then enjoy it while it lasts, because it won’t happen often.

Have a time when you were basically told “go HAM”? Were you allowed to ignore mechanics to just do as much dps as possible? Comment below and let us know.

— Babs out


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