Why I play…

A few days ago I posted about how WoW is the best “bang for your buck” game out there for me.

Clearly, though, time/money efficiency isn’t reason enough to do most things, there has to be a draw. There are many draws to a game like World of Warcraft: competitive game play, community/guild atmosphere, playing with friends, raiding, etc. Personally, I play the game to get recognized. Nothing is more rewarding than other people recognizing the time and effort I’ve put into Warcraft.

Since I started playing in BC, the main way I like to be recognized is my gear. Having that piece of heroic (now mythic) gear while everyone else is a tier behind, is as easily recognizable as you can get. Transmog has taken some of that away, but back before Transmog, a geared character would get whispers from onlookers while just standing in town. Things like a full set of t6 gear was something to be amazed at.

Years ago, with the advent of transmog, the push moved toward GearScore. Ah, yes, the dreaded addon that gave everyone a number, and if you’re number wasn’t high enough then you weren’t good enough. Its the whole reason we can look at our item levels right now, and why those numbers appear on the paper doll. Having a high GS got you recognized, and now having a high ilvl gets you recognized.

Currently things like Warcraft logs, have taken center stage for how we compare people. Many people use logs, or look at them, see rankings to know who is strong. I’ve been recognized on my servers by people who’ve seen my ranks, or by blowing other DPS away in LFR/pugs. Those are the things that keep me coming back.

Getting involved in MMO-Champion’s Monk forums, ChiBurst.com, and now this blog, are all things that gets my name recognized and thats what keeps me doing what I’m doing. Of course I enjoy what I’m doing, but getting that feedback from others is what makes it all worth it. I don’t normally crave the appreciation of strangers, but if I’m going to play Warcraft as much as I do, I might as well get some recognition out of it.

Everyone plays for a different reason, whats yours? Comment below.

— Babs out


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