6.2 PTR Changes Apr 28

A new round of changes have come out today. Most notably, changes to Windwalker tier:

These are lovely changes in my opinion. Combined with the Combo Breaker: RSK trinket off of Archimonde, we should be swimming in Combo Breaker procs.

Hinalover has graciously updated SimC with the changes and was able to sim out this:

This is about as clean a improvement curve as you could ask for. These sims also don’t take into account the change in gear levels, which will exaggerate the differences.

Finally, Hina was able to set up a trinket comparison to show that the Hellfire Citadel trinkets are ridiculously good:

Thats the Normal versions of those trinkets beating out Mythic BRF trinkets. And by a reasonable margin.

I haven’t seen any updated overall DPS comparisons, and its still early in the PTR cycle, but these changes look promising. At least enough to make up for what was previously around a 3% nerf.


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