6.2; BiS, Stat Weights, Trinket Theorycrafting

Another brilliant update from Hinalover with more information on the eventual patch 6.2.


Hina has developed a first draft of sorts for BiS Gear as well as stat weights for each lv100 talent.

Currently it looks like we will want to stop stacking Multistrike after 40% as the value falls off quickly and by 43% it falls below Vers and eventually Crit. Haste also drops drastically around that time due to not wanting to proc Tiger Strikes as often and overcap Multistrike. Whether is going to be the plan for getting gear will remain to be seen over the next weeks and months leading up to 6.2


Hina also discussed trinket comparisons with the new itemization of gear. As it stands now, as expected, Windwalkers we be desiring Soul Capacitor and Sacred Draenic Essence for Single Target regardless of lv100 talent.

Soul Capacitor is dropped by Soulbound Contstruc in Hellfire Citadel. It saves up all damage done then applies a damage modifier to it and then explodes it all at once. This can be insanely powerful on a fight like Thogar if it procs correctly. In an ideal world it would proc, you’d AOE a ton of adds, saving all the damage, the adds would die, and all the damage would explode onto the boss doing a huge chunk.

Sacred Draenic Essence is the Monk class trinket dropped by Archimonde in Hellfire Citadel. It gives Windwalkers the chance to proc an free RSK cast from any FoF, BoK, and RSK. This procced RSK functions just like any cast RSK, applying the debuff and doing the same damage. It is as awesome as it sounds.

For AOE/Cleave I’ll quote Hinalover

For AoE, it really depends on the fight. Malicious Censer is a given for AoE fights. For Mirror of the Blademaster, since the mirror images don’t move, the trinket is only good for a few fights. Something like Beastlord it might be useful, but a fight such as Thogar, forget it. Way too much movement. Fel-Spring Coil and Soul Capacitor are good alternatives. I could very well see people getting getting Soul Capacitor, Mirror of the Blademaster, Malicious Censer, and Sacred Draenic Essence and just switch between the four of them based on fight.

Obviously anything theorycrafted now is subject to change with further refining of the testing software and any adjustments made by Blizzard. I’m anticipating 6.2 to arrive between late July and early September, but I haven’t proven to be right on my predictions in the past, so take that for what its worth.

— Babs out


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  1. Thank you Babs for this interesting post.
    What do you think about the 5% nerf on most of our skills ?
    Are T18 gear & monk trinket so good that they need to tune down our dps?
    I don’t think we are in a so good state at the moment when I see mythic brf rankings on WCL. :/


    • The nerf to skills won’t be very noticable as its within the range that RNG covers on most fights.

      Tier and trinket are very strong, but so are other class’s so its relative. I don’t much understand Blizzards rationale for the nerfs to WW, but they won’t be as noticeable as other classes will feel.


  2. 6.2 changes should be interesting with all the gear choices for sure. I recently found your blog, and as another ww monk on the server I gotta step up my game! Just switched to monk this xpac and my logs show it 😛


  3. Just another quick question do you think/know if sef will work with soul capac?


    • I haven’t had a chance to check it out myself. From what I’ve read of other people’s testing with it, there is some discussion about it. As I’m on my Honeymoon I haven’t played 6.2 at all, once I’m back and have a chance to play with the changes and SimCraft, I’ll start posting about it again.


  4. I currently have the Soul Capacitor and Malicious Censor but not the class trinket. Would be it optimal to fun thosw two till I can get my hands on the class trinket?


  5. This is my armiey link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/zuluhed/Novaman/advanced

    Would I ever risk multistrike capping?


    • The MS cap is 59% buffed. It’s not easy to get but it is doable with the multi strike trinket and 710ish ilvl. Without Malicious Censer, you’d need a much higher ilvl.