Changes in 6.2

Back from vacation I am caught up with quests in-game as best I can be. I have yet to run more than a few bosses in HFC so my boss guides will come slowly.

Now that 6.2 is released, there is very little that has changed for Windwalkers. Much has changed for other classes so it has shaken up the class rankings. The main points are:

  1. New stat priorities: see Hina’s post on Chi Burst, and my stat priorities for more info.
  2. New teir bonuses: Get your 2pc as quickly as you can, even dropping to Normal quality HFC is an increase over Mythic BRF.
  3. New class trinkets: Draenic Essence is key to 6.2 Windwalking, get it as quickly as you can.
  4. New bosses: I’ll be adding boss guides for these bosses over the next few weeks as we progress through Mythic, I’ll try to get a few a week but no promises.

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