First Impressions: HFC (Heroic)

So as you may or may not have known, I was on my honeymoon the first week of 6.2, so this week was the first time I got to experience the new raid. Due to work, wedding, and honeymoon, I didnt have much time to prepare for the raid. This means I went in practically blind on Tuesday. Here are my impressions from the fights this week as well as my first thoughts for talents.

Any of these could be misremembered, its been a crazy week. I’ll also be posting more in-depth guides once I’m more comfortable with the fights so bear with me

Hellfire Assault – Ascension/Chi Burst/Chi Ex

I used these talents the first time, could certainly try using RJW as well. This felt like a ton of work using Chi Ex for very little benefit. Its a very similar fight to Galakras from Siege of Orgimmar.

Iron Reaver – Serenity/Chi Brew/Zen Sphere

Its a mostly single target fight but there are other targets to abuse Touch of Death on. You could maybe get away with Chi Explosion due to the adds.

Kormok – Serenity/Chi Brew/Chi Burst

Kromog 2.0. Toss up 2 SEF clones, and go HAM on the hands

Hellfire Council – Chi Ex/Ascension/Chi Wave

Your standard council fight. The way we did it I probably could have gotten away with using Serenity in place of CX since we didnt stack all 3 together. Other than that just toss a SEF on each other boss.

Killrogg – CX/Ascension/Chi Burst

This fight was a blur to me but from what I can remember it seemed like going Serenity/Chi Brew/ Zen Sphere was probably the better way. You can try to abuse ToD but it would likely be considered scumbagging since thats likely range dps’s job.

Gorefiend – Serenity/Chi Brew/ Zen Sphere

Pretty straightforward fight, you can use SEF on the adds but I don’t recommend doing so when you’re inside his belly as it will be difficult to kill them without help.

Shadow-Lord Iskar – Chi Ex/ Ascension/ Chi Burst

Tons of tightly grouped adds, so many that it may warrant using RJW in place of Xuen. I died on this fight and I have no idea why, but when I was alive I was rolling in the DPS.

Socrethar – Serenity/ Chi Brew/ Zen Sphere

You “could” take Chi Burst to help with ghosts, but I wouldnt bother. Toss SEF on the casters when they come out and abuse the shit out of Touch of Death. Ideally you want to save ToD for the Dominators since they have to die ASAP. Don’t bother staying on Socrethar when Dominators are out as he takes no damage.

Fel Lord Zakuun – Serenity/ Chi Brew/ Zen Sphere

Straightforward single target fights. Make good use of ToK and Diffuse Magic to keep yourself alive.

Xhul’horac – Chi Ex/ Ascension/ Chi Burst

Keep a spirit on the big adds and toss out another when little adds spawn for Chi Burst/SCK spam. Abuse ToD as much as you can.

Tyrant Velhari – Chi Ex/ Ascension/ Chi Wave

There are adds up for a solid part of the fight, so cleave like crazy. Apart from that its pretty straight forward.

Mannaroth – Serenity/ Chi Burst/ Zen Sphere

You could definitely get away with Chi Ex, Ascension, Chi Burst, but that was just more work than I was willing to put into the fight. If you have a bunch of DKs who can grip everything together, then definitely go AOE spec. **REMEMBER** Do not use Nimble Brew to try and get out of Mannoroth’s Gaze. Yes, you can do it, but you’ll likely kill yourself and several raid members.

Archimonde – Chi Ex/Ascension/ Chi Burst

Straight forward cleave fight, toss SEF on everything and abuse ToD. Don’t do what I do and stand in fire, I’m super bad at it.

Those are my first thoughts on Heroic Hellfire Citadel. Its an enjoyable raid that I was woefully unprepared for. Hope this helps you a little bit. Stay tuned over the next few weeks as I try and pick up the slack on this blog. As always, contact me with any questions, comments, concerns, or compliments.

— Babs out


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