Chi Ex for Single Target Sims 8.17

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So since there has been much discussion about using Chi Explosion (CX) for all fights, even single target. I decided to run some sims to see if a new APL (action priority list) is needed to accommodate for this. Check here for the discussions.

I used my own character, and assumed that the fight lasts 400s with 20% variation, as the average Mythic fight lasts 415s as of today. I set it to Patchwerk, 1 target, low world lag, and Elite player skill. I also changed the food type from “salty_squid_roll” to “buttered_sturgeon” as haste is more useful for CX. This entire discussion centers around the t18 4pc and the Sacred Draenic Incense (SDI) from Archimonde, if you don’t have both of those, then ignore this theorycrafting until you do.

Everything was run over 50,000 iterations.

I started with finding baselines using the different lv30 talents. There has been some discussion that due to how fast rotations are nowadays, many times the lv30 talents aren’t being using on CD so it may be more worthwhile to go with Chi Wave or Chi Burst on all fights since they have longer CDs.

  1. Chi Wave –  64,601 dps
  2. Zen Sphere – 64,714 dps (We’ll sim with ZS from here on, and check the talents again later)
  3. Chi Burst – 63,499 dps

Next I wanted to look at the APL to determine if it needed changing. Currently the action priority for CX single target looks like this:

  • Tiger Palm if no debuff
  • Rising Sun Kick if no debuff
  • Fists of Fury
  • CX if Combo Breaker and 2 or more Chi
  • Tiger Palm if combo breaker is about to fall off
  • Rising Sun Kick
  • lv30 Talent
  • Tiger Palm if at 4 Chi to drop to 3
  • Chi Explosion if 3 or more Chi
  • Jab/Expel Harm

(A) What I tested: Should you still use Tiger Palm to drop from 4 Chi to 3?

What I did: Removed “actions.st_chix+=/tiger_palm,if=chi=4&!buff.combo_breaker_tp.react”

Result: 65,033 dps (+319)

Verdict: You don’t want to waste a Chi on a Tiger Palm you don’t need when it can be used in CX for another chance at the free RSK.

(B) What I tested: Should RSK be used only for the debuff?

What I did: Removed “actions.st_chix+=/rising_sun_kick”

Result: 62,714 dps (-2000)

Verdict: You want to use RSK on cooldown for the added chance for a Combo Breaker proc.

(C) What I tested: Should Tiger Palm be used only with Combo Breaker?

What I did: Removed any mention of Tiger Palm that didn’t have Combo Breaker in the line

Result: 60,399 dps (-4315)

Verdict: No, you should maintain your Tiger Palm buff at all times. With the added damage from RSK (physical) plus FoF, you want the extra buff to your physical damage.

(D) What I tested: Should you use Combo Breaker: Chi Explosion (CB:CX) even if at 1 Chi?

What I did: Changed “actions.st_chix=chi_explosion,if=chi>=2&buff.combo_breaker_ce.react&cooldown.fists_of_fury.remains>2” to “actions.st_chix=chi_explosion,if=chi>=1&buff.combo_breaker_ce.react&cooldown.fists_of_fury.remains>2”

Result: 64,239 dps (-475)

Verdict: You should use CB:CX at 2 or more chi

(E) What I tested: Should you Jab/Expel Harm up to 5/6 Chi to try and “fish” for more SDI procs?

What I did: Moved “actions.st_chix+=/expel_harm,if=chi.max-chi>=2&health.percent<95” and “actions.st_chix+=/jab,if=chi.max-chi>=2” ahead of Rising Sun Kick

Result: 64,865 dps (+151)

Verdict: The difference is small, but it won’t hurt to try and fish for more procs by using Jab before RSK; assuming you don’t lose your RSK debuff.

(F) What I tested: Both (A) and (E)

What I did: Removed “actions.st_chix+=/tiger_palm,if=chi=4&!buff.combo_breaker_tp.react” and Moved “actions.st_chix+=/expel_harm,if=chi.max-chi>=2&health.percent<95” and “actions.st_chix+=/jab,if=chi.max-chi>=2” ahead of Rising Sun Kick

Result: 64,967 dps (+253)

Verdict: Roughly equivalent to just (A) alone. However, it should decrease the likelihood of being stuck with low Chi and a Combo Breaker Proc.

(G) What I tested: (A) and (E) except RSK a higher priority than Jab

What I did: Removed “actions.st_chix+=/tiger_palm,if=chi=4&!buff.combo_breaker_tp.react” and Moved “actions.st_chix+=/expel_harm,if=chi.max-chi>=2&health.percent<95” and “actions.st_chix+=/jab,if=chi.max-chi>=2” AFTER Rising Sun Kick and BEFORE t30 talents.

Result: 65,063 dps (+349)

Verdict: Looks like you want to fish for trinket and combo breaker procs, but want to keep RSK on cooldown at all times.

(H) What I tested: (A) and moving Jab/EH ahead of Chi Explosion to “fish”

What I did: Removed “actions.st_chix+=/tiger_palm,if=chi=4&!buff.combo_breaker_tp.react” and Moved “actions.st_chix+=/expel_harm,if=chi.max-chi>=2&health.percent<95” and “actions.st_chix+=/jab,if=chi.max-chi>=2” AFTER t30 talents and BEFORE Non-CB Chi Explosion.

Result: 65,271 dps (+557)

Verdict: You want to fish for trinket and combo breaker procs, but want to keep RSK and your t30 talents on CD.

TL:DR – My sims show that when using Chi Explosion you want to keep RSK and your t30 talents on cooldown, provided there are no Combo Breaker procs. After keeping RSK and t30 talents on cooldown you want to Jab up to 5/6 Chi to “fish” for additional Combo Breaker procs. If you get a Combo Breaker proc from an RSK that drops you down to 1 Chi, you want to Jab first before using the CB:CX.

Obviously all of this is predicated on my understanding of how the APL works, which I’m certainly not 100% confident in.

To test this APL, copy/paste this into the space where CX single target is currently:



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  1. so how does this compare to serenity for ST?


    • Serenity is still likely the best for Single Target, however once you have the 4pc and SDI trinket CX is nearly comparable and will not be as hindered by GCD as Serenity is as gear continues to go up. Your damage will be smoother and you won’t waste as many resources during things like Bloodlust/Heroism.


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