CX for ST Sims 8.19

All of this theorycrafting is 100% meaningless with the 6.2.2 changes that were posted.

So a few days ago I ran some simulations to figure out the best new APL and way to handle using Chi Explosion as Single Target. This assumes you have the t18 4pc and SDI trinket from Archimonde. This is an ongoing theorycrafting discussion but I’m trying to keep it updated as I continue.

My sims on 8/17 indicated that:

My sims show (+557 dps) that when using Chi Explosion you want to keep RSK and your t30 talents on cooldown, provided there are no Combo Breaker procs. After keeping RSK and t30 talents on cooldown you want to Jab up to 5/6 Chi to “fish” for additional Combo Breaker procs. If you get a Combo Breaker proc from an RSK that drops you down to 1 Chi, you want to Jab first before using the CB:CX.

My updated APL can be found at the bottom of my 8/17 sims page.

MMO-Champion user Ziktator suggested adding CB: Tiger Palm to the end of the APL as well as changing the condition to use Chi Explosion from 3 or more Chi to 5 or more Chi to better facilitate the desire. By testing these I found that these both increase my simulated DPS by 3100 to 67,814 over the current APL as well as APM (abilities per minute) to 57.2.

This means that the current APL should look like:



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