Legion 1.0: Monk Class Preview

Blizzard released the preview of many of the changes that classes will see. Today they released the Monk Changes. I’ve known about quite a lot of the posted changes for weeks so I’ve had some time to prepare my thoughts on them.


Here are the main announced changes in a nut shell:

New Mastery: Combo Strikes: “Your abilities deal 25% (with Mastery from typical gear) more damage when they are not a repeat of the previous ability.) – This will add some interesting flow to the Monk’s rotation without changing it much. Using the same ability twice doesn’t happen often currently so it will be interesting to see how often it could happen in Legion.

No More Buffs/Debuffs to track – RSK debuff and TP buff are gone, so that’s one less thing to track.

Tiger Palm: 50 Chi, 8% to proc Combo Breaker, Generates 2 Chi – This replaces Jab, Energy cost may be tweaked in the future.

Blackout Kick: 1 Chi cost – Remains our filler ability, just costs 1 less Chi.

Rising Sun Kick: No changes – This will likely remain a hard hitting ability we’d want to keep on CD.

Fists of Fury: Glyph baked in – You can move while channeling baseline now, no more glyph needed.

Spinning Crane Kick: 1 Chi Cost – AOE filler, now with Chi cost rather than energy

Storm, Earth, and Fire: Toggle-able, no direct control over spirits – This takes a lot of the skill out of the ability, which in general works because the majority of WW were very poor at managing it. However, those of us who were good at managing it are disappointed.

Talent Example – Hit Combo: “Each successive attack that triggers Combo Strikes in a row grants 1% increased damage, stacking up to 10 times.” – This will be very interesting and something you’d want to maintain as much as possible. It will be a hallmark of a skilled WW.


Now the Unannounced changes: (Via Hinalover)

No more Chi Explosion – It would have worked against the new Mastery, so its gone.

lv30 Talents work with new Mastery – Working ZS, CW, or CB into your rotation will keep the Mastery buff up.

Serenity will be reworked – Not sure how yet

TEB is gone – Not sure how I feel about this, jury’s still out.


Things we don’t know yet:

SEF/FoF Split damage: Will it stay the same formula – See my post about cleave for information, but it may change.

Hurricane Strike: Will it stay?

Lv100 Talents: What will replace Chi Ex and maybe Hurricane Strike?

Those are the current changes we know about, there will be plenty more in the coming weeks and months.


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  1. not really looking forward to these changes. I think it would take the unique gameplay of the monk away.


  2. Not sure what to think about the TEB removal to be honest… Aswell as SEF not being controllable? Really? Removes a lot of skill in Monk overall. Anyway thanks for the write-up 🙂


    • It removes some of the skill, but removes the two largest barriers for new players to pick the spec up. TEB and SEF are two of the least intuitive skills in the game, unless you’ve read a guide or talked to someone who knows what they’re doing, it’s not easy to use either ability correctly.


      • Sometimes I’m not sure if I’m using TEB right, but since I don’t have other WW friends/guildies to compare stuff and see if I’m doing something wrong, I can’t know for sure if I’m wasting the skill’s potential… but I do wish our dmg buff CD was something better than how TEB is. I mean, most classes just pop skills whenever their CD resets and “yay! damage increase!”, while we have to get charges before popping it, which makes me feel slow at the beginning of fights.

        And the changes on SEF are very disappointing, I was hoping for some better changes on the skill, or that at least if they keep that idea, I wish they made something like a glyph that’d make the skill stay the same as it is as of now or something. Although I don’t like silly glyphs, that would still help out newer players while making the skill comfortable to those who know how to use it currently.

        Sorry for the long post. =D


      • You make good points, and we don’t know how strong of a CD TEB will become in Legion. The SEF changes are disappointing as I feel they changed the ability a little too much rather than just made it easier to use. Both were hallmarks of WW, but both were impossibly difficult to figure out with out help, which is not the way the game is supposed to be designed. There’s still plenty of time for tweaks so we’ll see how it ends up.


  3. Looks like SEF won’t be an option on 2 targets fights unless you just wanna split the dmg without increasing the dps. Sad stuff. https://twitter.com/WarcraftDevs/status/666706812251455488


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