Legion 1.1 Additional Info

Since the Class Preview on the 11th we’ve gotten some tweets to clarify and provide more information than we previously had. See my Legion 1.0 post for the first round of information.

Chi Explosion is, in deed, gone: “Chi Explosion disagreed with the fantasy quite a bit, and was extremely complex. Instead, we’re adding other alternatives. ”

Touch of Death will remain, but won’t be quite the same: “Touch of Death is remaining, but it works rather differently. It’s more of a cooldown than an execute. ”

SEF will be 2 spirits plus yourself, each spirit will do 50% max damage: “All 3 Spirits (you being one) will deal 50% max damage to their target. Its intended for use on 3+ targets, not 1 or 2. ”

SCK will not require a target and is intended to be strong AOE: “We chose to turn SCK into a spender, so that its damage could be strong. It will not require a target. ”


Most of these changes aren’t surprising. Its great that Touch of Death will remain as its one of my favorite abilities, and would be nice for it to be a reward for good play; like 10 abilities without resetting Combo Strikes gives you a free Touch of Death. I never liked Chi Ex, so I’m not sad to see it go, although many people are. SCK change will be nice since it really got overshadowed by CX this expansion.

Now the big change; SEF is not designed for 2 targets, just for 3 or more. I find this incredibly frustrating since the change to making it toggle-able should have been sufficient to lower the barrier for entry for new players. Two boss fights is a very common design for Blizzard and at the moment, Windwalkers will have a hole in their kit for that design.

There are many weeks and months where things can change. Overall the changes are great for Windwalkers as a whole, the SEF change is just a little frustrating.

I’ll try to keep updating once a week or so if there is enough new information to merit an update.


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  1. Nice Read! Thanks for keeping us up to date.


  2. I, like most Windwalkers, are very disappointed by the SEF not working on 2 target fights. There is big outcry on the forums over this. Do you think that there is a chance the Devs will change this back to working on 2 tar fights or do you this is set in stone (for Legion). I’m just very concerned with the adding of 2 melee classes (Hunters,DH) and all the other melee classes we already have, that we need something unique to bring to raid. I know it’s early and lots of changes can happen but I hope they rethink how SEF works and change it back to work on 2-3 tar fights.


    • There is always a chance they will tweak it back.

      In terms of adding two classes, I was equally concerned, but as it was pointed out to me; there won’t be a huge number of melee players who are not already playing a melee class so it won’t be much more crowded. Its way to early for all the doomsayers crying that WW won’t have a place in Legion, we could end up being the top single target DPS for all we know, we have no idea what the numbers will look like in 6months. At the moment all we can look at is the flow of the class and how it feels and to me it looks like WW will feel very smooth and fun.

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