Legion Testing 2.1

So I decided to spend some time in the Alpha since I had nothing better to do with my time. I normally spend almost no time on Betas or Alphas because so much can change, but I’m done with Fallout 4 so I have some time.


I had a ton of fun playing so far. The rotation is very smooth and easy to figure out yet is very fast paced. The changes they’ve made are great Quality of Life changes, even some little ones you don’t think about.

The Class Hall quest line was interesting and immersive, it explained why the hall is where it is currently while sucking you into the lore of Legion. I haven’t explored it very much, its on my list of things to do, but I’m definitely going back Panda for Legion, I don’t care what is best.

Artifact quest was interesting and paced nicely. It was short enough to not be tedious, while being long enough to really explain the story of what you’re getting. It does feel somewhat disconnected from the Monk ideals, but if you keep in mind that we are “Wind” “Walkers” then it really makes a lot more sense.

I did not do any leveling or adventuring into the game world outside of Dalaran and the class hall (which we need a collective community name for) so I can’t comment on the leveling experience. I like to keep that for release unless I’m super super super bored or testing with my guild/friends.

The best thing so far is that you don’t have to click “Activate” or carry around reagents to switch talents, its a small change, but it feels huge. The worst thing was Serenity, but that will just take practice.

Tiger Palm (old jab) being 50 energy was shockingly minor of an issue. It did lead to some downtime, but I almost never felt like I was waiting too long for energy and it made it easy to avoid energy capping with the talents I used.


  • Storm, Earth, and Fire is enormously easier to use now, much simpler to understand
  • No debuffs to manage (Not needing to use RSK right away is a tough habit to break)
  • The abilities are very straightforward, no more confusing shit like tracking TEB stacks or when to use X. At the moment its just hit whats off cooldown.
  • Hit Combo and new Mastery were very easy to use, I only messed them up when I wasn’t really paying attention.
  • Even with crappy 680 gear, you’re swimming in Chi


  • Serenity was difficult to use because of the shorter cooldown on FoF and generally not being used to the rotation yet. With time it will make more sense but I struggled with it.
  • You are punished for a mistake with Hit Combo (talent), but thats not necessarily a bad thing. It is a loss of 10% damage buff, and it takes a few seconds to get back up, so you’re kind of kicking yourself for several seconds after you notice you messed up.
  • Lots of other talents I didn’t test that are beyond my time limits and theorycrafting abilities right now.
  • Touch of Death does not count toward Hit Combo, so don’t TP > ToD > TP

Actual Testing

I spent some time at the target dummy just to get a feel for what the rotation may be and how each ability plays off each other. I used this talent set up; because I felt it was the best baseline without any power spikes or weird mechanics to work around. It also didnt add any major cooldowns to the kit that needed to be tracked. I didn’t use TEB or any trinkets that may change damage.

Here is the WCL report

Based on that testing and going off DPS (including cooldown) the priority for abilities is:

Fists of Fury (11.3k dps) > Rising Sun Kick (8.7k dps) > Spinning Dragon Strike (7.8k DPS) > Strike of the Windlord (2.9k DPS)

Touch of Death should be used on cooldown, which was rough to get used to, but obviously makes sense to use it as often as possible. Blackout Kick (28.7k damage per use) is used to not double abilities, occasionally Spinning Crane Kick (24k per use) needs to be used so that you can Tiger Palm (6.6k damage per use) without overcapping Chi. Strike of the Windlord was definitely underwhelming when considering it has a 40s cooldown. It did less than half the DPS of any other ability with a cooldown.

Any of these numbers are likely to change when numbers tuning starts to happen but it may give people a rough idea of what we’re looking at.

Hit Combo fell off once during this 10 minute go about and that was when I was sending a text and wasn’t paying attention. Swift as the Winds (somewhat new version of Tiger Strikes, 70% more attack speed for 8s) had 18.75% uptime. When SAtW was up, Melee damage went up by 81% during the 8s buff.

Spinning Dragon Strike hits the target 6 times (not 100% sure).

Untested Assumptions

  • Tigerseye Brew has two stacks, when not using Serenity, so you will want to always keep at least one stack recharging, similar to how Chi Brew works now.
  • I did not test any other talents or any artifact talent thingy
  • I assumed that BoK should be used as a filler however the damage was rather impressive when considering it has no cooldown, it may be more useful than that and other abilities may be better used as chi dumps. Difficult to tell what should be the focus.
  • Eye of the Tiger may use the rolling dot mechanic, but it currently does not
  • You’ll want to save TEB for when you can fit all your abilities with cooldowns within its duration.
  • Unable to tell how FoF, SotW, and SDS react to several targets in their range, whether they deal full damage, split evenly, or act how FoF/CX do on Live.


Overall, I’ve had a great time playing around with Windwalker on the Alpha. I’ll continue to tool around when I have free time.

If you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer them or go test things you’d like looked at when I have time. My Ask.FM is the fastest way to get a hold of me for a quick answer. You can also find me on the Monk Discord. Twitter has been being a little weird so that may not be the best point of contact.


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