Legion 2.2 Rotation/Priority Testing

Spending some time on the Alpha looking at the possibilities of what the single target and AOE rotations will be like in Legion. I tested purely on feel and common sense, not based on any math that I’d done yet. All of this is subject to change as we progress closer to release. Everything was tested with the lv100 template gear and Artifact weapon with no points into it.

Here is my chart for all the abilities I’ve tested so far complete with cooldowns and how most work.



  •  Talents
  • All targets in front
  • Storm Earth and Fire toggled on
  • More than 1 target


  1. Fists of Fury
  2. Chi Burst
  3. Spinning Dragon Strike
  4. Rising Sun Kick every 20s so SDS can be used
  5. Rushing Jade Wind
  6. Strike of the Windlord
  7. Spinning Crane Kick to dump Chi
  8. Blackout Kick with Combo Breaker
  9. Tiger Palm to build Chi

This rotation was pretty easy to keep going. The only difficult parts was working Touch of Death in and figuring out where Rushing Jade Wind should go into the mix. I was rarely starved for resources, even capping Energy a few times if I didn’t Tiger Palm between abilities. Its also very pretty looking with SEF and abilities like FoF, RJW, and SDS all having very noticeable textures.


Single target



  1. Fists of Fury
  2. Strike of the Windlord
  3. Rising Sun Kick
  4. Blackout Kick to prevent capping
  5. Spinning Crane Kick to prevent capping, if BoK was last ability used
  6. Tiger Palm to build Chi

This rotation was also very easy to keep up, and Hit Combo came very easily. With so few buttons to press, Tiger Palm giving 2 Chi, and BoK/SCK taking 1 Chi each, you will find yourself having to use BoK into SCK so that you can get back down to 3/4 Chi to Tiger Palm again before using another ability. This is slightly more difficult, but not impossible to manage.

Currently Eye of the Tiger does slightly more DPS than Chi Wave. If Chi Wave becomes the better talent then you will want to put Chi Wave between RSK and BoK. Spinning Dragon Strike currently does more damage than Chi Orbit, but it seems like a little bit more of a cleave talent, so numbers tuning may change that. If it remains best for single target then it helps a little of the Chi capping issue because its one less GCD where you’re hitting TP or BoK. If both SDS and Chi Wave become best then there will be lots of buttons to press.

Single target rotation isn’t as visually pretty too look at as AOE. Chi Orbit is nice to look at, and Xuen is even bigger, if you take that. Chi Orbit will provide slightly more burst at the start of a fight as all 4 orbs you’ve built up will hit the boss within a few seconds of the pull. It can take about 1s for a new Chi Orbit orb to make its rounds and hit the target, assuming the target isn’t moving and is directly in front of you.

Other Notes

  • I did not seriously test Serenity or Energizing Brew as they both feel absolutely awful. I pray the get changed, or become very situational talents.
  • With even 2 targets, Chi Burst becomes significantly better than Chi Wave and Eye of the Tiger.
  • Could not find just 2 targets to test how SEF’s damage works with just 2 targets as opposed to 3.
  • Lost my train of thought, there may have been other notes but I don’t remember them now.



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