Legion 2.4: Storm, Earth, and Fire

This spell has been just about the most controversial spell for Windwalkers since it was introduced with the Throne of Thunder raid. It has been tuned and tweaked and figured out as time went on. Overall, and in my opinion, it has been the single most confusing ability that WW has had, being nearly impossible to fully figure out on your own without extensive testing.

I discuss how to use it on Live in my “Cleave; SEF, FoF, CX and you” post.

As for the Legion version, it has gone through several iterations. Here are some off the top of my head:

  1. Working just like Live
  2. A toggleable ability with the current Live damage reduction
  3. A slight decrease in the damage reduction
  4. A HUGE decrease in the damage reduction
  5. The new April 6th version

The 4/6 Cliffnotes:

  • FoF no longer splits damage 1/(2*n), it now just copies. So if it hits 2 targets, it does 2x the damage. It currently would do 1.5x the damage.
  • SCK gained 150% damage, has 4 Chi and gains an additional +50% damage stacks from hitting unique targets within a 15s decay window.
  • SEF does 1/3 damage per spirit (including you), and buffs SCK

If you’ve listened or spoken to me about the Legion changes at all, or read my other posts, you may have seen that I thought SEF needed to be changed as it was a huge barrier to newer players who didn’t fully understand everything about it. The 2nd changes made it much more new player friendly, but the AI was very difficult to “control”.

These newest changes somewhat rework the purpose of SEF, taking it from a cleave ability to a burst AOE ability. Overall I think this is a great change to the changes that were already needed. It keeps it a simple to understand ability while making it possible to be incredibly powerful in the right hands.

We were also lucky enough to get some feedback from Celestalon in the Monk Discord immediately after these changes were announced to get some more information.

Here’s what we learned:

Overall I like these changes as they leave the door open for a lot of interesting stuff. HOWEVER, they do somewhat go against making it easy to use and understand, but its still an improvement over what we currently have.

If you have any questions you can find me in game, on Discord, or on Reddit.

Babs out


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  1. My biggest issue is setting up FoF as a “burst on demand” spell when its a core spell of our rotation. Its not ‘on demand’ when its supposed to be kept on cooldown. Feels counter intuitive.


    • FoF isn’t a burst on demand, it’s the main damage. The change to how it cleaves just makes it stay competitive compared to he newly buffed SCK and SEF combo. It also allows it to function as our sustained cleave ability when coupled with WDP.