Analyzing Logs

I have received many requests for this guide and I’m finally getting around to making it.

How to analyze logs as a Windwalker

What are logs and how do I get them?

Logs are a recording of your in-game combat log that can then be uploaded to a website in order to look at what happened during the encounter in a very specific manner.

In order to get them you first need to type /combatlog before the encounter that you wish to track. You can also get an addon like LoggerHead which will make the process automatic after the first time.

You then need to upload your CombatLog file from your WoW folder to an appropriate website. The current top notch website for posting logs is WarcraftLogs. its miles ahead of anything else and is actively managed.

Once you have logs uploaded to WCL, you’ll be able to look at them in order to get an in-depth look into your performance.

Basic WW Analysis

There are a few basic things you will want to look for before anything else:

ability_monk_tigerpalm Tiger Power uptime

This can be found in the “Buffs” tab. It should be as near 100% as possible when using Serenity. If you’re using CX its not as important, but there’s little reason for it to be sub 80%. Any time you don’t have Tiger Power up, your abilities (with the exception of CX) will do 11% less damage.

ability_monk_risingsunkick Rising Sun Kick debuff uptime

This requires a few more clicks to set up. First you want to go to the “Debuffs” tab. Then, under your characters name it should say “Enemies”. Finally you want to click “All Sources” and find your name so that your debuffs are the only source its looking it. You can also change what enemies you’re looking at by clicking “All Enemies” and finding the target you wish to pay extra attention to.

Ideally your RSK debuff uptime should be as near 100% as possible. Any lapses in this debuff is a 20% damage loss.

Missed Casts

If you go to the “Casts” tab, it will show you how many times you cast each ability. Its not perfect because it will count abilities that hit multiple times as multiple casts. This applies to Fists of Fury and Chi Burst as well as a few others. It will also have a second time that ability appears which is the number of times you actually cast it. This is the biggest problem that many WW face. It depends heavily on resource management, planning, and attack priority.

I developed a spreadsheet in order to tell what the maximum number of casts you could perform throughout the fight. It can be found under the “Resources” tab of this page. To use it, simply enter the fight length (in seconds) into the green box and it will tell you how many of each ability you could have used. Ideally you want the casts that appear on your “Casts” tab to be as close to equal with those that appear on the spreadsheet.

Advanced WW Analysis

Once you feel comfortable that you have mastered the abilities from the Basic section, there are a few more things to look at.


The opener is not as important for Windwalker as it is for some other classes, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. You can see my opener HERE.

The goal of this is to have  Fists of Fury and  Serenity fit inside the 15s window of  Tigereye Brew while having everything fit inside the 20s of potions. You also want to not overcap Chi. FoF + Serenity takes about 13.5-14s, so you have the first 6s of the pull to generate as many stacks of TEB as you can before you pop it.

Check to make sure you cast TEB before FoF before Serenity and that Serenity finished before your pre-potion ran out. Be sure you had both TP and RSK up as quickly as possible.

Proper Cooldown Use

WW has several CDs, Xuen, TEB, Serenity, FoF, etc. that all need to be used in tandem. Knowing which cooldowns benefit one another and which don’t is important. For example, Xuen benefits from stat gains, like Agi pots, but not % gains like TEB. This means you can pop Xuen without worrying about TEB.

When looking at proper TEB usage, you want to make sure that it was up for 100% of FoF or Serenity’s duration. It can be popped way before either is used, but it should be up through the end of each. It can be recast during Serenity if it will fall off during, but you want to have all of them covered. You also don’t want to see TEB overwritten for a smaller or equal buff for any reason. If it will run out during the FoF channel, you did something wrong.

TEB should also be used for other large DPS buffs such as trinket procs, legendary ring usage, and big buffs like Tiger Strikes. There are all large enough damage increases that you want to augment them as much as possible.

When checking your TEB usage you want to know several things:

  • Was it up for every FoF?
  • Did I ever cap or over cap stacks?
  • Did I ever overwrite a stronger buff with a weaker one?
  • Did I use all available stacks throughout the fight?

Resource Management

Last thing you want to check as a Windwalker is how you managed your Chi and Energy. You should never cap either, nor be energy starved for an extended period of time.

By going to your “Resource” tab you can check how you did with all the resources. You do not want your Energy bar to be too high for too long unless you’re using Serenity and Bloodlust. You also don’t want to be energy starved for too long where you’re not generating much Chi. If you notice you’re starved for too long then chances are you’re not using your Energizing Brew or lv30 Talents enough.

Hopefully this page is informative for many and will help you analyze your own logs to improve performance. If you have any further questions then don’t hesitate to contact me, good questions help me improve and evolve my guides.

Good luck.