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Next Expansion, Site Dev 7.31

In case you somehow missed it:

Its been a bit since I updated last since its summer and I’m being super lazy.

Today I added Mythic strategies to Hellfire Citadel’s Basic Windwalking for the fights that I’ve done as well as the first 6 bosses in the Survival Guide.

I hope to add more to the Survival Guide when I can next find motivation.


Encounter Guides

During Blackrock Foundry I had an idea of a comprehensive guide to each encounter and how to play it as Windwalker. This proved to be exceptionally boring and tedious work to include all the information you would need to know.

For Hellfire Citadel I am trying something slightly different. I will be splitting my encounter guides into three sections: Basic Windwalking, Survival Guide, and Maximum Windwalking.

Basic Windwalking will cover the basics of each fight and be more general guide lines for what to look out for on each fight. It assumes some level of understanding of the mechanics, but should help without any.

Survival Guide will be exactly that; tips and tricks of how to use your abilities and awareness to survive the fights while taking as little damage as possible. When you should use Touch of Karma or Diffuse Magic, how to use roll, etc. This won’t cover much, if any, tips on how to damage the boss, simply on how to survive.

Maximum Windwalking will cover the ways and tips to do the most damage possible. These tips will likely go against the “best practice” and raid strategy to help you kill the boss. I am not responsible for any deaths, wipes, or raid leader agro that you get from using these tips. They will also be risky and may not always work reliably, so take them all with a grain of salt and use your best judgement.

Each of these sections will include every boss for the raid and be as straightforward as I can make it. These won’t be comprehensive, “everything you need to know”, “raiding for dummys” sections. They will assume a basic understanding of the fight and how to play a Windwalker. My guide and FAQ should help fill in any blanks with the latter.

I hope they prove to be useful to many, and as always, ask any questions/comments/concerns you have and I will address them.

— Babs out