Hellfire Citadel

For this raid, and all to come, I am dividing my raid guides into Basic Windwalking, Survival Guide, and Maximum Windwalking. In each section I will cover all the bosses rather than give each boss its own page since that ends up being a lot more work for me.

Basic Windwalking

This section covers each fight and the basics of what to do as a Windwalker. I won’t go into detail with how to survive the best or how to pump out the maximum numbers. This page will follow most guides you’ll find and be more general than specific to Windwalkers.


Survival Guide

This section focuses on what abilities to watch out for on each boss and how best to counter them using the tips and tricks that are specific to Windwalker.

Maximum Windwalking

This section is focused on doing the most damage possible. These tips and tricks may be in direct opposition to your raid strategy. I take no responsibility for getting you in trouble with your raid leader.


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