Simulating Hellfire Citadel

So an important part of determining what is best for each fight in terms of spec and gear, is looking at how best to set up the parameters on SimulationCraft. I’ve done my best to compile a list of what I think are the best ways to set up each fight.


  1. 10% Fight Variation
  2. Set player skill to your skill level (Not everyone is Elite)
  3. Use WCL’s 50th percentile speed rankings for each fight. Just select the difficulty and boss in the top bar.

Fight Styles:

  • Patchwerk: Tank-n-Spank
  • HecticAddCleave: Heavy Movement, Frequent Add Spawns
  • HelterSkelter: Movement, stuns, interrupts, target-switching (every 2 mins)
  • Ultraxion: Periodic Stuns, Raid Damage
  • LightMovement: 7s Movement, 85s CD, 10% into the fight until 20% before the end
  • HeavyMovement: 4s Movement, 10s CD beginning 10s into the fight
  • Beastlord: Random Movement, advanced Positioning, frequent single and wave add spawns

Hellfire Assault

Hellfire Assault involves a series of enemies that lends itself towards executing numerous mobs and dealing high sustained damage on priority targets.

  • Fight Style: HecticAddCleave
  • Targets: 1

Iron Reaver

Iron Reaver consists of two phases.  During the ground phase, the encounter is a single-target fight.  For approximately 2 minutes, simply deal with mechanics and fire away.  When the Air Phase begins, DPS down Quick-Fuse Bombs first then whittle away at Burning Firebombs and Reinforce Firebombs.  The Air Phase lasts approximately 1 minute.  This fight can be treated as a single-target fight with short cleave.

  • Fight Style: HelterSkelter
  • Targets: 1


Kormrok is a purely single target fight with some chaotic movement.  Throughout the fight, you’ll need to defuse runes, AoE Grasping Hands, and dodge purple waves.

  • Fight Style: Beastlord
  • Targets: 1

Hellfire High Council

Hellfire High Council is a 3 target cleave in a non-traditional sense in that you’ll have 2 targets beside each other and one separated from the pack.  You’ll want to bring Blademaster down in health first to mitigate the HP of his Mirror Images.

  • Fight Style: Light Movement
  • Targets: 2 or 3

Kilrogg Deadeye

This fight is largely single target with periodic waves of adds.

  • Fight Style: Beastlord or HecticAddCleave
  • Targets: 1


Gorefiend is a neat encounter that involves a mostly single target fight with some minor add cleaning up.

  • Fight Style: LightMovement or HecticAddCleave
  • Targets: 1

Shadow-Lord Iskar

Shadow-Lord Iskar has a long single target phase followed by a very cleave-heavy phase 2 that has one priority target to kill.

  • Fight Style: Beastlord
  • Targets: 1

Fel-Lord Zakuun

Fel Lord Zakuun gives us the most “Patchwerk” fight we are going to get in this tier.  There’s a small amount of movement if you intercept some waves from hitting pillars.

  • Fight Style: Patchwerk
  • Targets: 1

Socrethar the Eternal

Socrethar the Eternal is a fight that will go well if you have a smart tank and terrible if you have bad tanks.  If the Construct is done properly, this fight will be a single target burn whether you’re killing the Construct, Dominator, or Socrethar.  There will be add cleanup going from Phase 2 back to Phase 1 if your Construct tank is not perfect.

  • Fight Style: Patchwerk or LightMovement
  • Targets: 1


Xhul’horac is a very cleave-heavy fight with the Imps with two large adds that are up for 1/3 of the fight each.

  • Fight Style: HecticAddCleave
  • Targets: 1 or 2

Tyrant Velhari

Tyrant Velhari is a relatively low movement single-target fight with one additional cleave-able target for the majority of the fight.

  • Fight Style: Patchwerk or LightMovement
  • Targets: 2


Mannoroth is all add-cleave early in the fight followed by less adds as the fight goes on and a single target burn at the end.

  • Fight Style: Beastlord
  • Targets: 1


Archimonde is largely single target with some high priority add switching.

  • Fight Style: HecticAddCleave
  • Targets: 1

Those are my opinions for the best ways to simulate each fight for those who are interested. Feel free to agree or disagree, I’m always open to discussion.


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