Survival Guide

In place of covering each fight individually, I will be addressing each fight in one post with as little fluff as possible. This page focuses on how to survive each encounter as a Windwalker in Hellfire Citadel. This information is from my experiences and my kills so you may find another way works best for you in your guild and strategy. Some of these suggestions will work against doing maximum DPS, so you have to decide for yourself which is most important.

Obviously there are other resources beyond myself that cover this information, here are the good ones I’ve found:

Icy-Veins  |  FatBossTV  |  WoWHead

I’ll add Mythic information as I experience it.

Hellfire Assault

lv75 Talent: Any

Its rather hard to die on this encounter. There is a little magic and a little physical damage, but nothing huge, so any lv75 talent will suffice. If you’re good at avoiding what needs to be avoided, then Healing Elixirs will work best.

  • Don’t stand in front of Siege Machines
  • Don’t stand in swirlies when adds are coming down
  • Don’t stand on bombs left by Engineers
  • Kill adds in correct priority

MYTHIC: Nothing much changes, just everything does a little more damage.

Iron Reaver

lv75 Talent: Diffuse Magic

As a Windwalker is relatively easy to survive this encounter with so many movement and defensive cooldowns.

  • Don’t stand in fire
  • Use Roll or Flying Serpent Kick to get out of Barrage and Fuel Streak
  • If targeted by Artillery during Fully Charged phase, use Zen Med to mitigate damage while you run away
  • Use Diffuse Magic if you somehow get large stacks of fire or get caught in Barrage

MYTHIC: Dampen Harm can be useful to help soak Reactive Bombs, but your tanks should be able to handle them.


lv75 Talent: Diffuse Magic

This fight can get a little hectic at times, always know what abilities are coming up and what defensive cooldown you need for it.

  • Don’t stand in the puddles
  • Spread out appropriately during Pound
  • Avoid Fel Outpouring waves
  • Soak Explosive Runes with a cooldown, face toward raid for Empowered Explosive Runes
  • Use Zen Med or Diffuse Magic if you can’t avoid some waves.

MYTHIC: Touch of Karma helps mitigate some damage from stacking up for hands. Be sure to have Zen Med and/or Diffuse Magic up for times when Pound overlaps the Waves, its better to Zen Med and stay alive with no DPS than try to avoid waves and risk killing others. Soaking your assigned swirl doesn’t cause damage, so don’t use a defensive for it. Make sure to use Touch of Karma or another defensive if soaking Explosive Runes.

Hellfire Council

lv75 Talent: Diffuse Magic

This fight is rather easy as melee, but if you get hit by abilities you will likely die immediately. Much of the responsibility is on your healers, so help them as much as you can.

  • Use a small cooldown for Blademaster’s Felstorm
  • If you get Reap, use a larger cooldown like Touch of Karma. Diffuse Magic or Zen Med if needed or if you want to drop it in an unsafe spot
  • Use SEF on Mirror Images and attack Dia to minimize damage taken from their spins
  • Watch for lines to see where the weapons will be thrown
  • Don’t stand in Reap
  • Watch for ghosts during Dia’s phase and don’t get hit by them. Zen Med/Diffuse Magic if you can’t avoid it.
  • Don’t hesitate to stop and heal yourself or use Expel Harm in place of Jab to help healers.
  • Watch your debuffs for Mark and be proactive with helping to heal yourself and minimize damage.

MYTHIC: Everything hits harder. Use cooldowns frequently, especially toward the beginning of the fight. The most stressful part of the fight is the end of Gurtogg Bloodboil into the first Mirror Images phase.


lv75 Talent: Diffuse Magic

Another fight where your life depends on healers, not much damage to avoid but always keep an eye on your Fel Corruption

  • Stay in melee during Death Throes, use Expel Harm in place of Jab and cooldown if needed.
  • In Vision phase, adds can be stunned, so use Leg Sweep/Charging Ox frequenly
  • Kill priority targets
  • Interrrupt large add’s Rending Howl
  • Don’t be standing next to large add when he dies or you’ll gain large chunks of corruption.

MYTHIC: Don’t bother with a cooldown when soaking green puddle left behind from large add. Use a defensive like Touch of Karma during Death Throes to help healers.


lv75 Talent: Diffuse Magic

This fight requires watching your feet and hoping your raid members don’t put bad stuff in bad places.

  • Save defensives, if you can, until Feast of Souls. It happens two minutes into the fight, so ToK and Diffuse Magic can be used once before then.
  • Chain defensive cooldowns during Feast of Souls to help healers
  • Do not stand in swirly purple pools
  • Run out if you get Touch of Doom, get as far from others as you can
  • Be sure to exit the stomach before timer is up or you’ll die

MYTHIC: Chain cooldowns during Feast of Souls. Use Touch of Karma, Zen Med, or Diffuse Magic to stand inside a puddle when dropping your Touch of Doom so that they stack and take up less room.

Shadow-Lord Iskar

lv75 Talent: Any

This fight is pretty straight forward once you know where to stand.

  • Stand in a position so that you’re not getting hit with Chakram when it goes out or comes back in.
  • Watch out for fire that ranged may drop
  • Be prepared to pass the Eye of Anzu as quickly as possible when needed
  • Use defensives when going out with Chakram

MYTHIC: Everything just does more damage


lv75 Talent: Diffuse Magic

There isn’t much that can kill you on non-Mythic modes.

  • Do not get hit with Construct’s lightning whip unless assigned
  • Avoid Prison when cast
  • Do not stand in fire
  • Avoid standing in circles around range during Socrethar phase

MYTHIC: Use a defensive CD when the large explosion is coming out during P1 and when Gifts are out in P2 since you will likely be stacked.

Fel Lord Zakuun


Tyrant Velhari



Overall Windwalkers have tons of movement and defensive cooldowns to get out of things and survive the things we can’t get out of. You should always be prepared on each fight and have plenty of cooldowns to choose the best from. I hope this was helpful, and as always, contact me with questions, comments, concerns.

— Babs out


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