Windwalker FAQs

This page is all about the commonly asked Windwalker questions. It will be consistently updated as more questions pop up over time. As with the guide, I’ll try to keep the answers short, sweet, and functional.

If you don’t see a question here that you’d like answered, check out my Windwalker Guide, as that may have the answers you seek. I’ll try to avoid repeating information you can find there. If you don’t see the information in either place then get in touch with me via the various means and I’ll help you out.


  1. How much damage should I be doing on __ fight?
  2. What weapon should I use? 1H or 2H?
  3. Can I use my SEF clones on the target I am attacking for 3x damage?
  4. When should I use X talent?
  5. What single target opener should I use?
  6. How does Fists of Fury and Chi Explosion’s cleave work?
  7. How should I use my SEF?
  8. How do I use Fists of Fury?
  9. How do I use Tigerseye Brew?

How much damage should I be doing on ___ fight?

The best way to figure this out is to go to HERE and change the top bar to the item level, fight, and difficulty you want to look at. Generally you want your DPS to be at least above the 50th percentile (Blue Bar), which is at average or above. The goal is the purple, sky blue, and orange bars, bu the blue bar should be the minimum you consider.

What weapon should I use? 1H or 2H?

Currently the difference between weapon types is very small, practically not there. 2H beats out 1H by only about 1%. This means that you can go with whatever has the highest item level. If the item levels are equal then 2H will pull slightly ahead unless it has mastery on it then they are likely as equal as can be.

Can I use my SEF clones on the target I am attacking for 3x damage?

No, when you are targeting an enemy that you’ve already cast  Storm, Earth, and Fire on, your clone will just stand there and auto-attack instead of copying your abilities. Once you target something else, your clone will resume copying your abilities. Attacking a target that you have your  Storm, Earth, and Fire clone on is a pretty reasonable DPS loss, avoid it at all costs.

When should I use X talent?

What single target opener should I use?

There is some debate about openers with some of the order able to change without much hiccup. Openers can be seen as a checklist rather than an order. Here’s what you want:

  1. Max Chi before pull using  Expel Harm
  2.  Tiger’s Lust @ 2-3 seconds to pull
  3. Prepot @ 1-2 seconds to pull
  4.  Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger, Tier 2 (lv30) talent once boss is pulled
  5.  Flying Serpent Kick to boss (If you didn’t use Tiger’s Lust)
  6.  Tiger Palm
  7.  Rising Sun Kick

After this you want to use all your  Chi Brew, and get as much stacks of  Tigereye Brew as you can before you pop  Tigereye Brew then hit  Fists of Fury. Once  Fists of Fury is over you want to go straight into  Serenity. The goal of this is to have  Fists of Fury and  Serenity fit inside the 15s window of  Tigereye Brew while having everything fit inside the 20s of potions. You also want to not overcap Chi. One way to do this, picking up from after you reach the boss:

  1.  Tiger Palm
  2.  Rising Sun Kick
  3.  Chi Brew >  Blackout Kick
  4.  Chi Brew >  Blackout Kick
  5.  Jab
  6.  Tigereye Brew  >  Fists of Fury
  7.  Serenity
  8.  Rising Sun Kick >  Blackout Kick spam

This method allows you to produce a minimum of 6 and maximum of 12 stacks of  Tigereye Brew (with perfect mastery luck) before you use it into  Fists of Fury. It also fits all of FoF and Serenity into the 15s window of TEB, as well as all of the opener roughly into the 20s window of potions. There can be some variance of openers with similar results.

How does  Fists of Fury and Chi Explosion’s cleave work?

 Fists of Fury and  Chi Explosion‘s cleave works like this: One target is considered your “Main Target” (MT), this is the one that you’ve targeted when you cast the ability. All other targets in the damage area are considered “Secondary Targets” (ST). The MT always takes 100% of the damage, the STs take 100% of the damage, divided by the number of total targets.

This means that with 5 targets: MT takes 100% and all ST take 20%, for a total of 180% the damage of a single target cast. With 2 targets its: MT 100%, ST 50%. 10 targets would be MT 100%, each ST 10%. The more targets, the higher the number gets to 200%, but never reaching it.

 Chi Explosion and  Fists of Fury get stronger the more targets you hit with it, hence why they are the pillar of Windwalker cleave and AOE damage.

How should I use my SEF?

This is a somewhat complicated answer, but I did my best to explain it in this blog post:

How do I use Fists of Fury?

Fists of Fury should be used on cooldown, or within 1-2s of it coming off cooldown. Use it before any Serenity unless FoF has more than 10s on its cooldown. The only reason to hold FoF is if the target will be out of range for it.

How do I use Tigerseye Brew?

I cover all that in this blog post, that should explain it all.


I will continue to add more as people ask them, so check back.

  1. If I will be swapping between chi explosion and serenity what should my stats look like?


    • If you’re going to be using both equally then Multistrike is the way to go. However, since more fights in HFC make use of CX than Serenity, stacking Haste is a good way to go. In general if you’re focused on those two stats, its hard to go too wrong.


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