This blog isn’t the only resource out there for learning more about Windwalkers, I don’t just pull this information out of a hat. There are many other people out there who do more work for theorycrafting than I do, I just convey their brilliant information. Here is where I get my info:

MMO Champion

  • The penultimate WoW website in existence. The Monk class forums, where I am a moderator, is the top place for theorycrafting and discussions for Monks right now.

Warcaft Logs

  • This is the best website for logging fights and analyzing those logs. The best possible method to improving your DPS is identifying what you’re doing wrong and understanding how to improve.

Icy Veins

  • Icy Veins which is the one-stop-shop site for all classes. Designed and maintained by some of the top players in the world. Icy Veins provides information on all classes and specs, its one of the best place to start for all your character learning needs.

Max Casts Spreadsheet

  • I developed this spreadsheet so that you can put the fight duration into the green box and it will tell you the maximum casts of each ability that you could have had during the fight. The goal should always be to reach these numbers in order to do the most damage. This is a great tool to help you know where you may need to improve when using WarcraftLogs.

Salty’s DPS Spreadsheet

  • Developed by Saltycracker, originally of <Big Crits> webshow fame, this is a very indepth tool to look at stat weights, talents, and basically anything else numbers related for Windwalkers.


  • The end-all-be-all tool for testing mechanics, rotations, gear, stat weights, and anything numbers related. This tool will allow you to test a variety of changes over several thousand iterations, helping to provide you with the best theoretical averages for whatever you’re looking to test.

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