Getting the most out of your Monk is not easy. Many times it requires math or knowledge that is beyond human ability, thats what we have tools for. I’ll try to update this list as I find other tools that are particularly useful.

Max Casts Spreadsheet

  • This is my own creation, simply put in how long the fight lasted in the green box and this will tell you how many times you could have cast your abilities. The closer your logs show to these numbers, the more optimal your rotation was.

Salty’s (Rotund) DPS Spreadsheet

  • A mainstay of Windwalker tools for several months, Rotund’s spreadsheet will allow you to put your stats in and get a bunch of information out. It can look complicated, but like many good tools, it takes time to learn to use.


  • The all powerful tool for testing what can be. SimCraft’s a powerful piece of software that can tell you just about anything you need to know. I strongly recommend checking out a guide on how to use this tool like THIS ONE. Once you understand it, there’s almost nothing it cannot do. Shoutout to Hinalover who is the mastery of all things Windwalker and Simcraft.

Warcraft Logs

  • If you’re a raider then you probably have heard about this tool or one like it. If you haven’t, then you should. Warcraft Logs allows you to record your fights and get all the information you could possibly get. Its practically a requirement for anyone who wants to raid and wants to improve.

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