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!! New Website !!

With the increased popularity of this site, and the need to continue a resource like this in Legion I have launched a new version of this site; http://www.walkingthewind.com. I have included two other authors, Ruhye and Pandanaconda to help broaden the scope of the site moving into Legion. This site will no longer be maintained, and nearly everything from here has been moved to the new location.


 !! Legion Survey !!

I have maintained this website for over a year, and in that time it has grown and become more popular than I could have imagined. In order to keep providing the best possible information in the best possible way, I have developed a GoogleForm Survey that will help all of you tell me what I do well and what I can do better so that I can tailor this site, and the content I provide, to the viewers as much as possible.

Please take the time to fill out the survey as completely as you can, it may take a few minutes.

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  1. Hey you should make a BiS gear list.


    • There is a BiS list that Hinalover created linked in my 6.2 post. I don’t see the point in everyone having a BiS list since they should be the same. However, it should be relatively easy, so I’ll see what I can do.


    • Hey Friend. Love this site and your post on BNet. Very helpful person. I do have concerns that maybe you could have a bit of insight on.

      Legion WW seems like the entire spec could be played by a series of cast sequence macros. There doesn’t seem to be much of anything that could throw off a cast sequence. The 8% chance of combo breaker can be pretty much ignored. 8% of 20% (Just an estimate % of damage BoK would do in a fight over all) is a 1.6% damage loss if ignored. The Mastery is so strong that it would be more important to just work out the math of a cast sequence to maintain 100% uptime in it.

      Maybe a good suggestion to Blizz is if they added in some other sort of proc mechanic that would be a MUCH MUCH higher loss in damage if ignored. Maybe like RSK having a % chance to not go on CD, Not reset our Mastery and do 100% more damage. This would completely stop cast sequences I think.

      We need something big to throw off a rotation.

      Looking forward to your reply.


      • Could the spec be done in a cast sequence in Legion? Probably, but that would be one long and complicated ass cast sequence macro. Many abilities have different cooldowns, so you’d have to take several minutes worth of casts into account in the sequence.

        The Combo Breaker procs are more for energy regen than damage, its just nice that they do damage.

        We don’t know how strong Mastery is right now, and there is no “uptime” unless you’re talking about Hit Combo. Because all the hard hitting abilities have cooldowns, you can’t cast them back to back, so you’ll always get the mastery bonus on them. RSK not going on CD would really fuck up using Spinning Dragon Strike, so I think that would be a disaster.

        My opinion on how to make the Mastery better is to make Hit Combo the mastery, so that you’re punished if you repeat. Its easy not to if you’re paying attention, but if you get distracted then you will almost always double hit.


  2. I really appreciate the time you put into this site! Its really helpful for people like me who are not familiar enough with WW monk to theorycraft on my own and other things 🙂


  3. My internet is INCREDIBLY slow so I can’t actually check the twitch restreams without buffering for like 50minutes but you got any tips for Gorefiend? I got both 4set and SDI, got decent gear aswell, most has Multistrike on it.
    (Got Soulcap & Blademaster aswell)


    • I’d avoid using Soul Cap and Blademaster if you can. Malicious Censer from Tyrant is a great trinket for Gorefiend since there is no chance it will hit unwanted targets. Its pretty straight forward for WW, toss SEF on anything above half health and focus down the large adds since that will likely be your main job. Inside the stomach be very liberal with Touch of Death, toss Zen Sphere on the healing adds, but try to avoid using SEF since the split damage wont do enough to the adds inside.

      Perhaps I’ll make a Mythic guide if I find any free time.


  4. Thanks for the answer, much appreciated 🙂


  5. Will you keep this site running in Legion (implying that you will keep raiding in Legion)?


  6. I’ve got a Heroic Mindscythe of the Legion (2/2 725 ilvl.) and a Mythic Axe from Kormok (2/2 730 ilvl.)

    The Axe is higher ilvl, therefore higher weapon dmg and agility, but the secondary stats are utter garbage. The fist weapon is 5 ilvls below, but BIS as far as stats go for Chi Exp.

    What use?


  7. Hello Mr. Babylonius,
    Not sure if this is the right place to ask a question, but I’m getting energy starved.. a lot. Is there a minimum haste/energy regen rate that I should aim for?
    Currently I’m around 1.1k haste when going with serenity+chi brew and I feel like I might as well be afk half the fights.

    Thank you


    • There isn’t any minimum haste that you need to reach. To be honest, 1.1k is a decent amount if you’re not setting up for it specifically. Make sure you’re using FoF and your lv30 talents on cooldown as well as Energizing Brew as often as you can so that you maximize your downtime. Using Serenity will still have gaps, but the class trinket and tier 4pc help significantly to close those gaps. If you don’t have both of those things then you’ll see a noticeable difference when you do.


  8. Have stopped playing WoW cause I found WoD boring, but I just want to express my thanks for helping me when I actually was raiding! 🙂 I found your posts very informative and response was very appreciated! Keep it up, maybe some other day I might need your help again 🙂 //Andrew


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